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We turn Brand Potential into Business Performance

From planning to application, a transparent and quantifiable approach ensures that every penny of your budget is spent with ROI in mind. Advertising that converts into sales is not expensive.

At NIHT we help businesses to focus on customers most likely to shop and that are within their targeted geography.

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Result Driven
Digital Marketing Agency

Most businesses have an ideal customer and it's our mission to Capture, Retain and Remarket to these potential customers. Our techniques help you put your ad budget to a better use with our Geo-Targeted Digital Campaigns.

Geo Targeting

1 to 500 mile radius - we have more ideas and power plays than you can imagine to help you achieve the best digital marketing results. At NIHT we focus on commitment to quality and through our dedication make our clients happy. With years of experience across cutting edge digital products, and a deep understanding of targeting.

Problem Solving

Know who you want to reach? Know where on a map you want to reach them? Our data experts will help you target them effectively. Our expert operations team will work with you to create the right balance of targeted demographics and premium behavioral overlays with the most cost effective CPM to meet your marketing objectives and budget.


Based on our experience & research many companies are not maximizing this easy to implement strategy. As part of a programmatic and contextual Digital campaign, retargeting will help you increase your CTR (click through rate) and see higher repeat visitors, as prospects and customers become more engaged with your brand.

We unleash your Business Potential

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SEO Optimization

We’ll ensure your site is optimised and technically on point, so your customers will find you across all of their devices – desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Content Marketing

You’ll get engaging content created that delivers. Then we'll land it in the right hands. Whether that’s journalists, publications, or your customers.

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Digital PR

You’ll see your brand placed in the right hands; whether that’s journalists, publications or your customers.

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Paid Social

We'll find where your audience likes to hang out and socialise and make sure we get your message in front of them, all you have to do is say 'hello'!

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Paid Reach

We'll drive your traffic up with engaged searchers. We target the right customers for your business so all you have to do is make sure you’re ready for them.

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Social Media Amplification

We amplify your Brand needs and focus on content management campaign to generate leads, creates brand awareness and drives post engagement.

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Website Development

From simple microsites, to fully blown custom or WordPress-based websites and ecommerce solutions, our creative team can offer a complete user experience for your customer needs that focuses in driving revenue.

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Pay Per Click Management

An extremely effective marketing method which drives relevant traffic to your site from the moment your campaign begins. You can target specific locations or demographics, and see exactly how each campaign is performing.

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Email Marketing

The most effective marketing technique by ROI. But, that means it is well-used by everyone, including your competitors, and so it is increasingly important to stand out in the crowded inboxes of your customers.

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ease stepsOur Working Process

01. Research Project

02. Find Ideas

03. Start Optimizing

04. Reach Target

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