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RM systems are Customer Relationship Management platforms. The goal is to track, record, store in databases, and then data mine the information in a way that increases customer relations.

MoneyMachine CRM codifies the interactions between you and your customers, so you can maximize sales and profits using analytics, to give the users as much information on where to focus your marketing, customer service to maximize revenue, and decrease idle and unproductive contact with your customers.

MoneyMachine CRM tool includes full sales, marketing and support automation, email integration, reporting, team selling, advanced security and workflow automation. It is all about customers, not just behind-the-firewall collaboration.

MoneyMachine CRM systems can automatically suggest suitable times to contact customers via phone, e-mail, chat, email, or calendar invitations or web. These can then be synchronized with the representative or agent's calendar.

niht   Relationship management: A customer-oriented feature with service response based on customer input,
one-to-one solutions to customers’ requirements, direct online communications with customer to
help customers solve their problems

niht   The sections you wish to include in your Mobile Website

niht   Salesforce automation: Sales promotion analysis, automate tracking of a client’s account history for repeated
sales or future sales, and also coordinate sales, marketing, etc

niht   Opportunity management: Helps the company to manage unpredictable growth and demand and implement a
good forecasting model to integrate sales history with sales projections

niht   Marketing Automation: Loop between marketing and sales. Create, execute and track campaigns across
multiple channels with the campaign wizard. Develop compelling email marketing programs and capture leads
directly into your CRM system with web-to-lead forms. Manage and assign leads to your sales reps and track
the marketing ROI of your programs

niht   Customer Support: Acquiring new customers is much more expensive than selling to existing ones. With
MoneyMachine customer support, companies have confidence that customer cases will be handled quickly and
effectively. MoneyMachine customer support centralizes customer service requests across channels to allow
companies to manage inbound emails, diagnose bugs, share knowledge, and resolve customer issues

Sales & Marketing

This is perhaps, one of the most important & powerful SugarCRM Key Features. Using SugarCRM, you can easily streamline your sales & marketing activities. You can easily track & share contacts, opportunities and much more as per your business requirements. You can even monitor the performance of your business and make informed decisions. With sales & marketing features, you can also de-duplicate data and save a lot of time & efforts. The Sugar Multi-Channel Campaigns helps centralize the development, execution and monitoring of campaigns across multiple channels. You, now, can have a better idea about your marketing expenses.

Email Integration

SugarCRM offers outstanding email management features that are important for your sales & marketing department. The open source CRM application has complete integration with Gmail, IBM Lotus, MS Outlook, and IMAP based email servers. You can send emails, sync email calendars, manage project, schedule & track activities etc. This feature also allows you to archive emails.


Using the intuitive dashboard you can view a whole lot of reports and even prepare a custom one. These reports offer a complete idea about your business performance. You can even create real-time reports and share it among team members. Another important feature of SugarCRM is that it supports as many as 22 international languages. With SugarCRM, you can offer the best customer support and boost the trust & confidence of existing customers.

Project Management

SugarCRM comes equipped with unmatched project & activity management features that allow you to create & manage projects across teams. There are pre-defined templates which allow you to create projects. Apart from this, you can also monitor activity & dependencies. Thanks to the Gantt Charts. You can also manage upcoming tasks, open cases, percentage completion and much more.

Support for Mobile

The latest versions of SugarCRM have complete support for smart phone and tablets. Whether you are using Android, Blackberry or iPhone, you can have complete access to important data & information via your smart phone. No matter where you are, with SugarCRM Mobile you stay in touch with your office.

Social Media

Social MediaSugarCRM, now, offers in-built integration with different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. It also has excellent document sharing and sales intelligence features that are simply amazing!

Search option

The search option has been made more powerful. Now, you can benefit from a full text search. The best part is that this option also lets you search fields and modules.


Through calendar you can easily create recurring meetings & calls, change their duration via the drag and drop calendar interface. You can also send automated email reminders before your meetings in order to improve attendance.



Description & details


Expected benefits





User Training


Includes introduction to Modules& reporting & Data entry From Remote - if onsite then TA/DA extra

Faster implementation, user
acceptance and understanding.



Per Day


Kick Start


Importing and helping to organizing of existing data from various resources.From Remote - if onsite then TA/DA extra


Immediate startup, as current
data (from old sources - like
outlook, excel, database )
comes into system immediately.



Per Day




Modification of any module or creation of new modules


Tailoring entire solution exactly according to your business, so that software works according to your business and other way around


As per Scope of Work




User Management, Forms Editing, report Writing, Workflow management. From Remote - if onsite then TA/DA extra


Helps you administrator to manage users and modify forms and reports according to your business needs. Also create notifications to be sent to outside as well inside parties.



Per day


Business Process


Defining of business process for your business and implementation of the same (includes documentation part also)


Implement processes that enhance productivity and over all functioning of organization.


as per Scope of Work

Support Charges  

User level support for data entry and report designing etc


Covered in Usage

Standard Plugins  

Google Calendar Integration. Gmail imap integration.


Integrate Google desktop as well as Google mobile apps e.g.: sync calendar on mobile with CRM

AMC for Onsite
CRM Server

Monthly health check, reporting and maintenance



per month for 12 months


Onsite CRM -


Per incidence charges



per day

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