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Features and Benefits:

  • Offer all callers 24/7 access to information about your offerings:Pathological tests, diagnostics and doctor appointments etc
  • Enable the management to exactly know the customer needs and accordingly take necessary stapes
  • Enable callers to choose appointment dates and timings from available options; appointments can then be manually confirmed by secretaries / receptionists via your existing procedures
  • Receive real-time feedback from patients and patient parties via on-premises kiosks or via phone. Alert the concerned department via email for prompt remedial action, when necessary
  • Follow-up with patients after discharge and further strengthen the relationship with just one call
  • Reduce lost business to the competition
  • Specials offers can be promoted when the call is on hold

Why Us?

  • Reminders & Missed Appointment Follow Up
  • Reduce missed appointments and reduce wait times by backfilling no shows
  • Follow up and rebook missed appointments
  • Patients attend appointments and procedures fully aware of pre-appointment instructions
  • Intellivoice can place outbound calls notifying patients of the date, time and location of their upcoming appointment and asking them to confirm that they will attend
  • Post Discharge Follow Up
  • Improve patient safety provide consistent, reliable follow up
  • The system calls patients after they have been discharged from hospital. Patients are given instructions on post discharge care, typically the same instrutions they were given upon leaving the hospital
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys / Feedback
  • Collect feedback and conduct surveys via on - premises kiosks and via outbound and inbound phone calls
  • Real time results allow you to make immediate changes where scores are low
  • Chronic Diseases Managment
  • Intellivoice can also notify patients when a test result has been received and provide instructions with next steps
  • Manage hundreds or thousands of patients without manual intervention.
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